VAT return

Every person registered as a payer of Czech VAT must declare VAT returns electronically every month.

The taxable period of Czech entities can be a calendar quarter or a month. If the annual turnover of a Czech entity is higher than CZK 10,000,000, VAT returns have to be submitted on a monthly basis. Should the annual turnover be lower than CZK 2,000,000, VAT returns must be submitted quarterly. If the annual turnover is higher than CZK 2,000,000 but lower than CZK 10,000,000, the tax payer can choose a monthly taxable period. Otherwise, the taxable period is a calendar quarter.

Entities with no seat, place of business, or a fixed establishment in the Czech Republic submit VAT returns monthly.

The obligation to submit Intrastat reports arises on exceeding the stated threshold for arrival (CZK 12 million) or dispatches (CZK 12 million) for every entity – not only with the seat in the Czech Republic.


VAT Returns in the Czech Republic can submit your Czech VAT return, VAT control statement, recapitulative statement, and Intrastat return on your behalf. We will be more than happy to take care of all the time consuming administration, allowing you to focus solely on your business, all at highly competitive prices.

Together, we can prevent common mistakes in internal processes by preparing the VAT return on your behalf, helping you avoid possible risks in the future. Our work does not finish with the submission of your tax return - it continues with further tax advisory in the future whenever you require it. 


Amazon sellers in the Czech Republic

If you use the Amazon fulfillment center in the Czech Republic and you are obliged to complete VAT registration as an Amazon seller in the Czech Republic, we can send you a special tailor-made offer - not only for the VAT registration of Amazon sellers in the Czech Republic - but also for your liability to file VAT returns. The Amazon-sellers can find the list of transactions, that must be declared in the Czech Republic also on our website.

The Amazon sellers should be also aware that all transactions that were declared in the Czech Republic before E-commerce reform must still be reported in the Czech Republic. Therefore the VAT registration for the Czech VAT is still necessary for all Amazon sellers even though they are using the OSS.

Similar obligations have all other traders who import or store goods in their warehouses in the Czech Republic or Slovakia. They also must register the local VAT ID number and submit VAT return. – Taking care of your VAT return in the Czech Republic or Slovakia