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VAT in Slovakia 23.5.2022

VAT in Slovakia is EU-harmonised and based on the EU VAT Directive. In the Slovak VAT Act, there are therefore many regulations that are similar to those in other EU countries. Nevertheless, there are some provisions that apply only in Slovakia.

VAT number in the Czech Republic 6.5.2022

The Czech name for VAT number (VAT identification number) is DIČ (daňové identifikační číslo). It is composed of the code CZ and the root part / block of the tax number, which has either 8, 9 or 10 digits.

New ABOUT YOU warehouse in Slovakia and VAT registration 29.4.2022

ABOUT YOU has expanded its warehouse network with a location in Slovakia. The new location in Slovakia was chosen primarily because of its favourable connections to the markets in Central and Eastern Europe and it should ensure fast delivery to customers there.

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