Your accounting

Your company’s books should provide you with a comprehensive picture about your business which allows you to understand your company clearly. Therefore, this picture should be as fair as possible.

Only this will make your future decisions successful, putting your company on the right track and helping you fulfill your statutory obligations. - your accountant in the Czech Republic - is happy to take over your company’s accounting in a manner that will give you 100% peace of mind.

We will help you to understand and guide you through "the numbers", so you can identify the strong or weak areas of your business. If you prefer to keep control of your company’s bookkeeping, we are still more than happy to offer you advice and support, including helping you control your accounts.


Czech Accounting

According to the Czech Accouning Act, all legal persons with a registered office in the territory of the Czech Republic and foreign persons doing business in the territory of the Czech Republic are obliged to keep accounting records from their establishment.

The accounting period is twelve months and mostly adheres to the calendar year, although companies can request a special business year from the Tax Office. In the case of business structurings and on transfer from a calendar year to a business year, the accounting period may be either shorter or longer than twelve months.

Accounting records must be kept in Czech language and in Czech Crowns. A company’s financial statements must be submitted together with the company’s corporate income tax return to the Czech Tax Authority within first three months of the next financial year. This deadline is extended to six months for all companies with a compulsory audit or which use the services of a registered tax advisor.


Bookkeeping in the Czech Repbulic by our team

Our accounting services are as follows:

  • financial accounting
  • reporting
  • statutory audit
  • preparation and review of financial statements
  • consultations relating to the accounting records
  • interpretation of the company’s financial results
  • payroll accounting
  • filing financial statements to the Czech Tax Office and the Commercial Register

We can provide you with all of these services and more. Accounting is the best information source about your company’s health. Pass it on to the hands of professionals!

Together with the financial statements we can process your corporate income tax return. - Accountant in the Czech Republic