VAT for Amazon sellers

Do you sell your goods via Amazon? Are you using a FBA center in the Czech Republic? Is your stock sent from the Czech Republic?

If so, you are most likely obliged for VAT-registration as Amazon seller in the Czech Republic. will be happy to help you with this obligation.

We can send you an offer which you appreciate for sure. We have a tailor-made offer for VAT-registration of Amazon sellers in the Czech Republic.

We will provide you with a special list of documents that we need for the VAT-registration in the Czech Republic. After we receive them everything is up to us so you can focus on your bussines without any worries.

The Amazon sellers should be also aware that all transactions that were declared in the Czech Republic before E-commerce reform must still be reported in the Czech RepublicTherefore the VAT registration for the Czech VAT is still necessary for all Amazon sellers even though they are using the OSS.

Similar obligations as Amazon traders have also another traders using the warehouses of About You, Zalando etc.


VAT for Amazon sellers in the Czech Republic

We would be more then happy to assist you besides the VAT-registration also with the VAT returns, EC lists, INTRASTAT and VAT control statements (if applicable) in the Czech Republic. The Amazon sellers can find the list of transactions, that must be declared in their VAT returns in the Czech Republic also on our website.

The liability to fill Intrastat reports does not apply to every Amazon seller in the Czech Republic because there is a treshhold which has to be reached for this liability. If you need we could help you with another Czech taxes  or accounting as well.

Thanks to our rich experience with Amazon sellers we can provide you a very effective cooperation for very competitive prices. You just need to send us your selling list from Amazon and we manage the VAT return filling based on a power of attorney based on which we can cooperate with the Czech Tax Authorities.

Our communication runs in English. We are preparing the VAT reports based on the Amazon reports or another softwares (e. g. Amainvoice).

If you are interessted in more details about the Czech VAT, please visit the following page. - VAT registration of Amazon sellers in the Czech Republic or Slovakia